With safety as the primary focus, the hallmarks of the NAUTICUAS UAS Survey service are operational efficiency, survey flexibility and deep technical knowledge.

The NAUTICUAS team are a combination of experienced offshore surveyors/inspectors and qualified UAS (“drone”) pilots with a combined practical inspection experience of over 50 years.

The three-man, surveyor-led NAUTICUAS team delivers safe, efficient and accurate surveys with significant safety and economic benefits.

NAUTICUAS combines advanced digital image capture technology with the latest unmanned aerial systems, to allow us to conduct detailed visual inspections on mobile offshore units; ships and other maritime assets and offshore wind turbines with minimal or no interruption to normal operations. This in-service inspection capability reduces downtime and reduces costs.

NAUTICUAS specialises in difficult to access locations offshore which would typically require rope access or scaffolding. Reducing the requirement for these minimises risk and increases uptime.

Safety First

UAS pilots (from AerialMedia Scotland) are fully trained and certified in accordance with UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requirements and all UAS operations follow the guidelines published by Oil and Gas UK.